Weaving: The Art of Sustainable Textile Creation

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Zero waste is key to Maria Sigma's renowned weaving designs, and here she shows beginners—and more-accomplished weavers too—how that philosophy can transform what you weave. Dive into the basics of both heddle loom and frame loom weaving and succeed at six guided projects you'll love adding to your home and wardrobe while embracing sustainability. Sigma's mantra, "Without our attention on the materials and process and how they relate to the world, no design is at its best," resonates throughout this comprehensive guide. Explore ways to reduce yarn waste, minimize unnecessary cuts, and lower your carbon footprint by being mindful of your resource use. This handbook not only enhances your weaving skills but also encourages you to create in harmony with the environment. Say goodbye to wasteful practices and hello to a greener, more eco-conscious approach to handweaving. Let Maria Sigma's expertise guide you towards a more sustainable and fulfilling weaving journey.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page count: 176 pages
  • Measures: 9 x 0.88 x 9 inches
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