Fused Glass Nest Tray

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  • Earring Nest Tray
  • Size: 3.5"

Made in Eugene, Oregon

The iridescent beauty of Chris Paulson’s fused art glass is timeless. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted using an ancient gradual heating and cooling technique dating back over 4,000 years. Chris uses special compatible glass that when placed in excess of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit, fuses together. Artistry and technical expertise transform the lustrous iridescent glass into contemporary, functional art such as trays, coasters, and platters. He attaches bumper feet to his work for stability and balance. The lustrous, rainbow-like surface of the glass is suitable for everyday use but should be treated with care.  His work is reminiscent of the glass art works, a signature part of the Renwick Gallery’s collection of fine craft.

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