Craft for a Modern World [Hardcover]

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Author: Nora Atkinson
Copublisher: D Giles Ltd.
Publication Date: 2015
Museum: Renwick
Pages: 208 pp.: Ill.
ISBN (Hardcover): 978-1-907804-82-3
ISBN (Softcover): 978-0-937311-80-6

Craft for a Modern World presents 150 of the Renwick Gallery’s 2,000 artworks in a new light, celebrating the restoration and reopening of its historic landmark home. Encouraging readers to find their own connections—as they have come to expect in today’s hyperlinked world—curator Nora Atkinson describes some of her associations among these artifacts of makers, both contemporary and pioneer. Readers can engage the artworks through subtle linkages in the color plates, which introduce related works in black and white. According to Atkinson, the artworks in this catalogue, many of them newly photographed, “are a playground for the mind.”

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