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Impressionism Postcard Pack

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Set of 11 postcards
Postcard size: 5" x7"

Postcard pack includes:

  • The White Parasol by Robert Reid 
  • Idle Hours by H. Siddons Mowbray      
  • The Caress by Mary Cassatt
  • The Mirror by Robert Reid
  • Dublin Pond, New Hampshire by Abbott Handerson Thayer
  • Cornish Headlands by Abbot Handerson Thayer
  • On the Terrace by John Henry Twachtman
  • Garden in May by Maria Oakey Dewing
  • Improvisation by Childe Hassam
  • In the Garden (Celia Thaxter in Her Garden) by Childe Hassam 
  • The South Ledges, Appledore by Childe Hassam

American Impressionism emerged in the late 1880s when a generation of American artists studied abroad to absorb the new paletter and compositions that were modernizing painting in France. Landscapes and domestic scenes by these American Impressionists are as wonderfully fresh and sparkling as those by their more familiar French counterparts. These artists, atrracted to the light and color of painting outdoors, celebrate a modern view of life as America entered the twentieth century.